Month: January 2018

News and information about web development

Let’s Encrypt Is Our New Favorite SSL Certificate Authority

January 27, 2018 by David Ugale

Setting up an SSL certificate for your website can be both a technical challenge and an ongoing investment. In most cases, you don’t have the technical knowledge to handle it on your own.

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Using Bootstrap With WordPress

January 24, 2018 by David Ugale

We build a lot of WordPress websites. Consequently, we like to use Bootstrap as part of our custom theme development to add mobile and responsive functionality. To add Bootstrap to our WordPress header, we use WordPress’ wp_enqueue_scripts function to load the necessary Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript files: function bootstrap_enqueue_style() { // first enqueue the bootstrap…

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An Introduction to Bootstrap

by David Ugale

We regularly use Bootstrap as part of the projects that we work on together with our clients. We like the ease of use and the powerful library that allows us to quickly incorporate mobile and responsive features into the websites that we are working on. Getting started with Bootstrap is easy. Here is a starter…

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