What To Do When You Can’t Find An Off-The-Shelf Website Solution

David Ugale, Author
Written by David Ugale

You have a great website idea, but you don’t know how to implement it. You’ve searched on Google. You’ve asked your friends and coworkers. You’ve looked at website builders like Wix and Squarespace. You’ve checked out WordPress. Despite all of this, you can’t find anything that does exactly what you need it to do and you’ve gotten to the point where it seems like there just isn’t anything off-the-shelf to solve your unique problem. What should you do? The answer is custom website development.

Off-the-shelf solutions are great for building simple informational websites. They don’t require expert-level technical knowledge and they make building a website both quick and easy. Costs are low and, in most cases, you can manage the website in-house. They have a nice choice of design templates and many solutions offer packages that include domain registration, hosting, and e-commerce. This can be appealing to companies that want a one-stop shop and that don’t mind looking the same as everyone else.

However, when you have a unique website idea, these off-the-shelf solutions can only get you so far. Off-the-shelf solutions are designed for the most common types of websites, not a unique idea. If they don’t offer the exact functionality that you need, then attempting to make changes might not be possible. Custom website development can take you to the next level. An experienced team of developers that specialize in custom website development can make recommendations on the best platform for your website and how to solve your unique problem. With a strong skill set and knowledge of current website development trends, a custom website development team can make sure that your website works exactly the way that you want it to while using the latest website technologies.

Another missing element in these off-the-shelf solutions is the human element. Of course, these solutions have customer service people that can help you through the process, but they don’t have the resources to give you the quality one-on-one time that you need. As a large service provider, they have many small customers that they need to support. On the other hand, a custom website development team will often have a dedicated person assigned to your specific project that makes sure that your needs are being met. With a custom website development team, you have an invaluable resource of experience and knowledge that is just a phone call or meeting away.

Overall, off the shelf solutions are great for simple informational websites. However, if your business is going to rely on unique proprietary website functionality that really stands out, then it makes sense to look for more advanced options to build your website like a custom website development team.

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Originally published October 18th, 2018, updated November 4th, 2022