Frequently Asked Questions

We are a company that specializes in custom website development. Usually, our clients have specific technical needs that go beyond the capabilities of what you would normally see in a template-based informational website. We are an experienced team that likes to work closely with our clients.

We provide custom website development services that are designed to meet specific client needs that go beyond what you would normally have in a typical informational website. Consequently, you can expect to pay more than what you would for a template-based website. Our project agreements will always include accurate quotes based on your requirements and you will never be charged any additional fees unless you request changes or additions beyond our original agreement.

The length of time that it takes to complete a project varies based upon the complexity of the project. A project can take anywhere from a single week to several months. Generally, we work on projects that take approximately 6 – 8 weeks to complete.

Whether or not you are able to make updates depends upon the type of update and the type of project. For example, if we used a content management system like WordPress, you should be able to update most of the content. However, depending on your technical ability, you might not be able to update other parts of the website like footers and menus. We generally work with our clients to try and anticipate their needs so that we can empower them to manage their project as much as possible. However, for more complex updates, you might require additional technical help.

Yes, we do. We offer web hosting to all of our clients on servers that we manage. Clients are assigned their own dedicated web hosting server. Web hosting costs will depend upon the type of project.

We generally require that half (50%) of the project fee be paid in advance with the remaining half (50%) due upon completion of the project. We may also offer a discount to clients that wish to pay the full amount upfront. Payments are made using PayPal.

We can recommend sources to obtain photos to use in your project. However, we do not generally make recommendations on the type of photo to use beyond technical considerations (e.g. aspect ratio, resolution).

Yes, but it depends on the type of website. When reviewing your project requirements, we will determine whether your existing website is a good match for our skills.

Once we agree on a project plan, we use a development server to work on projects for our clients. As work on the project continues, we use the development server to review progress and to get feedback from the client. Upon completion of the project, the approved project is copied to a live production server.

At this time, we do not generally write content for our clients. However, we can make recommendations or provide feedback on content as it relates to technical concerns (e.g. Search Engine Optimization).